Bridal Mall - FAQ

In what sizes are your gowns available?
Most of our gowns are available in sizes 0-28, while some styles are offered in sizes 0-18. Please visit Bridal Mall showroom for additional sizing information.
How do I know what size to order?
It is difficult to provide sizing information without being able to see you in person. Please visit your nearest Bridal Mall Showroom as they are skilled and experienced in assisting brides with these details. When you place your order with your nearest Bridal Mall Showroom an experienced sales person will take your measurements and assist you in ordering the appropriate size.
How do I find a showroom in my area that is carrying a particular collection?
Please visit the showroom on our website to find a listing of showroom in your area.
How can I find the price of a gown?
Please sign up your Free Account on website, which enable you to see the price after login. With clear pricing information, you are able to plan your wedding in a better and efficient way.
Can I order the dress in a different fabric?
Yes. Please see Bridal Mall Agent for pricing information and availability.
Do you carry Junior Bridesmaids or Flower Girl dresses?
Yes, we do. Please go to the on-line catalogue for Juniors style information.
How long does it take to receive my gown?
Please visit your nearest Bridal Mall Showroom for specific information regarding the gown you are interested in, as delivery time will depend on many factors. It is better to place order four month before your wedding/function. With two months (8~10 weeks) working days, you are able to receive your dress 2 months before your wedding/function. They may also contact us directly to inquire if your gown is in stock and available an earlier delivery. Please note you might be charged extra for a rush order.
Can I buy my gown directly from Bridal Mall? Is it safe to buy my gown on-line?
We do not recommend making such an important purchase on-line. Please visit the showroom on our website for additional information and to find a Bridal Mall showroom in your area.
As we are a manufacturer, we can make your couture by your filed measurement chart if there is no showroom in your area. Please kindly approach to your seamstress for any minor alteration if it is necessary.
Can you send me a picture of the front/back of the dress?
No. The pictures that appear on the website and our catalogue are the only photos available. Please visit Bridal Mall Showroom to view a sample of the dress or visit our on line catalogue at
What is the difference between White and Diamond White?
Our Diamond White is a very light ivory. It has a beautiful softness that makes it very flattering on all skin tones. White is a true, pure white color that would give you that "Wedding white" look. Our authorized retailers will be able to show you the differences between Diamond White and White with their fabric swatches.
Are photographs available of each color option?
Our gowns are only photographed in the colors shown on our website.
Do the dresses come in other colours than pictured on the website?
Yes. All dresses come in a variety of colours. With Bridal Mall's ability to change the fabric of the gowns, we offer more colour choices than what is pictured for the original design fabric. Please contact Bridal Mall Agent for colour swatches and options
Can my gown be ordered with custom length?
Most styles are available in custom length. Custom length refers to various lengths shorter or longer than a standard length gown. Please have your nearest showroom agent contacts us directly to enquire if your gown is available to order in custom length. They will also be able to discuss the best length to order considering your preferred shoe height, petticoat size, etc.
Can I cancel my order or return my gown?
Our showrooms have their own return/exchange policies. Please refer to your sales agreement or contact them directly for any available options.
How can I reach you?
Any unanswered questions, please contact us at
For all other inquiries, please contact your nearest showroom. They are extremely knowledgeable about our collections and will be happy to work with you to ensure your questions are answered. They are also happy to contact us directly on your behalf, if necessary.